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Welcome to the next generation of solar water heating,
experience our superiorly constructed ultra-efficient solar systems certified by FSEC Florida.  Each collector is fitted with a Sacrificial anode for enhanced anti-corrision protection

Residential & Commercial
Green Energy, Harness the power of the Sun
Signifcant Energy
Cost Savings
6 Year Warranty
Tanks & Panels


How Thermosiphon (TS) Water Heating Systems work

Thermosiphon (TS) systems are easier to maintain, less expensive to install and generally more efficient than Forced Circulation (FC) systems which require electric pumps for circulatation.  TS systems are the recommended standard in regions susceptible to hard water deposits.

Our locally manufactured Thermosiphon systems use natural convection to circulate water through the solar collectors.  As water in the collectors warms, it naturally rises to the upper part of the collector and from there to the storage tank.  At this stage, the thermosiphoning action causes the cooler water in the tank to flow down the pipes to the bottom of the collector and naturally circulate throughout the system. 

Open vs. Closed Loop Thermosiphon Systems


Solar Heating Components

Anodized Aluminium Insulated Collectors

Coated copper or aluminum fins are ultrasonically or laser welded to copper tubes encased in an aluminium frame and covered with tempered solar glass.  absorber plate is encased in 23 mm rigid polyurethane foam.

Solar Tank

Precision Welded Steel Tanks

We supply horizontally mounted precision welded storage tanks in two sizes 52 and 80 gallon.   Each polyurethane insulated tanks is fitted with an electrical back up and are enamel coated which contributed to accurate heating.

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© Copyright 2018 Platinum Architectural Inc - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy